Schematic diagram

The installation is highly customisable, which allows it to adapt very well to the different configurations of the institutions that acquire it.

The different interfaces

Patient interface

An ergonomic and aesthetic object directly integrated into the architecture of the room. Equipped with 12 buttons allowing the selection of the category (Joyful Activation, Nostalgia, Calm or Tension), the management of the listening and the volume. The music listening device complies with the strict safety regulations of acute psychiatric services. The caregivers have the possibility, from the caregiver interface afar, to adjust the sound volume and to deactivate the device if necessary.

Caregiver interface

It takes the form of a tablet placed outside the listening room. It allows the system to be activated or deactivated and controlled in the same way as the patient interface. The screen reproduces the status of the different buttons, displays the music played and provides information on the patient's listening strategy, thanks to the statistics page (see next point).


Statistical analysis of patient listening. This data provides information on the use of the device. On the statistics page you can find: Top 10 music listened to by the patient, category distribution, categories over time, music over time. In order to select the relevant statistics for a patient, this page has a calendar and a list for easy access to interesting data.

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The Amenhotep website contains more informations about the device and its services, as well as videos and demos.

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