Ktell audio, music in care...

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Ktell project

This first solution dedicated to intensive care rooms in psychiatry (CSI), or isolation room - an enclosed space to reduce sensory stimulation - aims to help patients get through a moment of psychic crisis in a difficult environment, while by supporting caregivers in their professional practice. The Amenhotep collective and Viacam Sàrl have developed a way to restore autonomy to patients by controlling their sound environment

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Preserve autonomy

Patients placed in CSI manage their own musical listening and retain some control over their environment. The use of the music listening device has a real impact on the experience of patients placed in CSI. The musical selection is designed to offer four emotional themes that patients are free to choose according to their current state. The absence of lyrics allows for a more open and intimate interpretation of sounds. Various styles: Classical, Jazz, Folk and film music, are suitable for all patients.

Amenhotep collective

Amenhotep ​is a research collective active in the field of mental health care and psychiatry.
The members of this collective are psychologists, engineers, sociologists, psychiatric nurses, nursing teachers and musicians. They have been working together for over 10 years.